Monday, May 21, 2012

Forty shmorty!

This weekend we celebrated another 40th birthday in our house but this time it was MINE!
I woke up that morning feeling like the dreaded number had arrived.  
Being 40 has made me reflect on the all of the things that I have accomplished thus far and it has also given me time the desire to create a "bucket list" to achieve the things that I haven't gotten to yet.  
I asked to not have a party but rather celebrate quietly with my family.  
 I opted to go into Boston for the day and sight see.  We got to hit all of my favorite stops.
swan boats @ Frog Pond

Boston Common Gates

Dinner @ Antico Forno North End

of course, I had to get a birthday cannoli@ Mike's Pastry (it is totally worth the 45 min wait) 
Florentine cannoli-my favorite!

All is all, it was a great day with my family~the weather was nice, the food was excellent and I got to be happy on my special day!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Mothers Day is more than flowers, cards and sweet treats (don't get me wrong, I don't complain when I get all of the above). For me though, it is about honor.  Honoring my mom and other moms who give so much of themselves everyday. It is a day to reflect on all of the goodness that makes us a mom. As mothers, our jobs never end.  We nurture, love (unconditionally), and are selfless.  It is a day to STOP, reflect and appreciate all that sometimes goes unnoticed.  Everyday is truly MOTHER'S DAY!  We as mothers, are given love, respect, kindness, gratitude and priceless memories each day of our lives.  It is taking the moments to stop and notice.  I cannot say that every day is an "ice cream sundae with a cherry on top" but I do believe we as mother's thrive every day from our children's love and the ever changing journey of motherhood.  I feel ever so blessed today that I am a mom!  I feel blessed to have my own mother still here with me to love and nurture me in ways that only a mother can do. My wish is that all mothers feel blessed TODAY! 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

New beginnings.............................

A couple of weeks ago, I left my job (that I had for 16 years) to begin a new adventure.
Making the decision to leave was hard.
I knew it had to be done since my commute was 70 miles (each way).  
With gas prices soaring and no end in site, it was time.
It was hard to let go of the "work family" the people that I have worked side-by-side with for so many years.  In some sense, I grew up there.
They were they people who encouraged, believed in me and taught me to grow.
It was hard turning off the light to my office and leaving behind 
those memories.
It never felt like a job to me, it was what I loved. 
So despite, the long commute even longer in Winter months, I never complained.
So here I am, several weeks later, in a new job-with new people.
I am making new friendships and learning new things.
I still miss my clients and co-workers and "my identity". 
My job, was who I was.
I am learning to find myself.
I am re-discovering who I am in this new career.
I am navigating my way through new friendships.
I am beginning this new chapter in my life.
I am growing!