Thursday, September 27, 2012

FALL is in air

Autumn is among us these days. The air is getting crisper, the days are getting shorter and the color is just starting to change amongst the tree tops.

Pumpkins adorn the steps along with mums and cornstalks.
Cider is sipped more frequently to warm one self. 

Apples have been picked and cider donuts have been eaten. 

Oh, how I love this season.........

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm back.........................

 I wish I could write today and tell you that I have been on a long vacation to some tropical paradise or to a remote village in some far away land but the truth is I have been here (or not here in this blog space).  Summer came and captured me and the kids up.  It didn't seem like summers past, where we would soak our toes in the beach water, hang around at play grounds, or just sit quietly and enjoy thumbing through a book in the summer sun.  It seemed busy this year, busier than our usual pace.  However, the only thing we seemed to do a lot of this summer was lick too many ice cream cones.  Oh, how those homemade ice cream stands draw you in.  I couldn't resist the temptations this summer and I think I sampled more flavors than I needed to.  Now that summer has past and autumn has arrived, I feel like the pace has slowed a bit.  I decided to start journal-ing again in my little space. Here are some random pictures from our summer adventures.
4th of July 
Beach Cake~family re-union Cape Cod Massachusetts

Sand sculptures Cape Cod

Visit to Fenway Park 

RC Airshow~loved the NY PD helicopter
these are big boys toys! Great show
With my favorite season upon us, I hope to blog more frequently adding pictures of the foliage, cider sipping and apple picking :)