Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy 40th hubby

Today my hubby turns 40!
He is taking it with such stride.
I am right behind him on the soon to be forty train and I am not handling it as well as him.
His birthday wishes were to go to his favorite Italian restaurant.
He requested no fancy parties nor did he wish to take a weekend getaway.
So, this evening we will celebrate his turning 40 with our children (along with his parents) at his favorite restaurant.

He has requested a yellow cake with a Hershey bar melted on top (my grandmothers recipe).

In the meantime, I have put together a list of the Top 40 reasons why I love him (see below)


Your caring
Can fix anything
I feel safe in your arms
You laugh at my jokes (all these years laterJ)
Love Italian cooking
Wonderful dad
Still give me butterflies (wink)
You cried when are children were born
Loved me even during my post-partum days
You wore muscle pants in the 80’s and looked “hot” in them
You love dessert
You love car rides
Glad that you didn’t ask me on a date in high school (it wouldn’t have worked)
Love that we share the same breaker name “tweetie bird”
Your love for WDW
You do laundry (without me asking for help)
You didn’t run after you met my relatives
You wanted a house full of kids
Family means something special to you
I laugh that we dated siblings, at the same time, before we met
Your not a world traveler
Your no longer drive that blue truck from the 90’s
Gentle nature
Making memories with me listening to Van Halen in your room when dating
You once owned a moped
Watching you love your children
You chose to share this life/marriage with me
you make me happy
that sweet email you sent me on my birthday two years ago
your love for atv/dirtbikes
you brought me to a Red Sox game
you take our daughters to the mall
you leave dirty clothes on the floor which gives me something to complain about
you are faithful
you are my best friend
YOU are not phased in the least to be turning FORTY!
Happy Birthday!

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