Thursday, October 11, 2012

Love the FAIR!

We had the pleasure of visiting our local fair this past weekend.  It is something that we put on our "Fall list" every year and each year it gets better and better.  We love to learn from local farmers, we indulge in their produce and crop,  and we participate in the "hands on" exhibits.  My least favorite part of the fair is the rides. UGHHH!  However, the kids love em.  I must admit that my favorite part of the fair is the FOOD!  Oh the glorious food!  It is the one time of year that we indulge or should I say over indulge?  Over indulge is more like it!  We taste, share and sample foods that never make it to our dinner tables.  We seek out the most over-the-top foods and give them a taste.  This year on the "I tried list" was the fried Milky Way and the fried "Funny Bone".  It is not healthy for you at all but when you are at the fair you have to indulge.  I must say that the fried Milky Way was our favorite.

 Fried funny bone

 Proudly strutting those feathers
 next year, I may or may not try the Reeses ;)

 love the sculpture-"It's all about the food"
local students decorate pumpkins in honor of THE MUPPETS!
Until next year, we will wait and wonder what they will think of next..........

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